The Original North Fork Painting Party Experience!

From Our Newly Discovered Artists!

My dear Rita,You are just the sweetest person ever!! You make learning how to paint so much fun.I love your classes and will be a student of yours for many years to come.  My collection may not be worth 30 million ,but a million laughs,heart warming momentsand smiles galore it is!!!! Thank you for teaching me to be the artist in my own life. I love you lots Rita Schmeeta ~ Diane

I want you to know I had so much fun last night!  The coolest thing was watching a bunch of grown-ups look as proud as 3 year olds of their individual masterpieces!  

You have such incredible talent and personality that I know this business is going to be successful.  I truly love watching a passionate artist at work!!!!   

I would love to do this again with a bunch of friends...  Will talk soon and thanks for a great night out! – Peace, Judi

I wanted to tell you what a great time we had yesterday.. You really have touched on something fabulous. My sister is over the top with her painting. She has never painted a thing in her life. And looking around the room every single person left with a painting to be proud of.. Bravo to you... Diane

I really enjoy drawing and painting but never pursued any formal instruction...My son thought I bought my painting. I was so proud I hung it up. Now I just need to get a frame to make it really shine.  I look forward to your next event and hopefully my friends will be able to attend.  Thanks for the pictures. It is proof I really did paint. LOL and not just drink. Take care and best of luck ~ Deb

Hi Rita, Thank you for your kind words and instruction.  We truly enjoyed ourselves as evidenced in the pictures that you kindly sent to us. We have been talking about how much fun we had and are looking forward to your next class.  We are very glad that we had the opportunity to meet you when you were painting the Scrimshaw building and your telling us about the class. We both look forward to seeing you again.   Lon & Nan

It was such a great evening. I am telling you we were all high on art that night. Never dreamed we could ever do anything like that. I am really amazed…You’re the bestest! My friends loved it and loved you.   Thanks again ~ Kathy

Rita - We had SO much fun. Who would have thought we could be artists!  We're in for next time. We've told so many people about it. Best of luck. I think this will be fantastic.  - Jerry